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Q&A Highlights

  • Separate player hubs for both Horde and Alliance on Pandaria–will encourage world PvP.
  • New cap for professions is 600, no plans to add a new professions. Pet battles will be fun alternative to powerleveling professions.
  • Unhappy with the implementation of Prime glyphs since they are no-brainers to choose–may be removed.
  • Pet battles will grant XP in the same way to gathering professions–a decent perk.
  • Cooking will remain secondary skill, but there will be specializations.
  • Valor, conquest, profession, and faction vendors will be scattered around world to encourage travel.
  • Possibility of increasing conquest point caps by 10-15%, for extra rewards for world pvp.
  • New guild levels and perks in MoP.
  • Expect quest hubs that change faction/control like Baradin Hold in MoP.
  • Players can only queue for scenarios in specific areas–goal is not to have players waiting for queues in major cities only.
  • You will not be able to reforge weapon speed.
  • Every player should not have the same talents at the same time, with the new talent design–or else their vision has failed.
  • MoP zones will feel pretty huge–especially while leveling, as you can’t fly.
  • You cannot friend other pandaren until they have chosen a faction.
  • Rogue poisons reworked–less ramp-up time (no Deadly Poison stacking) and no penalty for using a utility poison.
  • Pure DPS classes will not get special buffs to stand out–but they want pure DPS specs to have utility that tanks and healers can’t bring alone. There should be a reason to bring pure DPS.
  • All 9 new dungeons in MoP will have Challenge Mode enabled–feature could be extended to classic dungeons as well.
  • Changing talents will require items, like glyphs currently.
  • Some less interesting buffs and debuffs are being removed (+bleed damage, armor). Other raid-wide buffs now passive abilities.
  • Specs, especially for pure classes, will continue to feel distinct after the talent revamp.


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