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Günter Dillenberg

Senior IT-Architect

As a Senior IT-Developer, I've learned that architecting tailor-made solutions isn't just about technology; it's about crafting a vision that aligns with precise business needs. The key is to design systems that are as simple as possible, yet fully customizable, ensuring they can evolve with the organization.



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We host and develop server structures customised to your needs. Our focus is on sustainability and efficiency, using only 100% renewable energy to minimise our carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

Customer Support

I understand how important reliable customer support is. That's why I'm available for you around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you have questions, need assistance or just want to give feedback, we're here to help. Your satisfaction and success are important to us.

Wordpress Themes

We develop ultra-fast and secure WordPress themes, optimized for performance and security. Our themes are free from insecure plugins and offer AI support upon request.

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Javascript/ Node

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  • Wordpress 99%
  • Linux 91%
  • Adobe Apps 89%
  • German 100%
  • English 50%
  • Spanish 25%

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My Resume

  • Present
  • Webbinder IT-Solutions


    At Webbinder IT-Solutions, we have focused on realising our own projects in order to generate revenue, which in turn is channelled into the research and development of new innovations. Since 2023, we have increased our focus on working for customers, particularly on the integration and implementation of advanced CMS & AI systems. This strategic realignment enables us to offer customised, intelligent solutions that revolutionise our customers' efficiency, automation and data-driven decision-making. Our commitment to innovation and the continuous improvement of our products and services has led to unprecedented growth and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

    Apr 2009 to Present

    IT-Architect / Developer / SEO / SEM

    At TIMOCOM GmbH, I managed various projects that used technology to solve complex problems, optimise processes and improve customer loyalty. My varied work enabled me to gain insights into various aspects of IT and digital marketing. My key projects included setting up a network for the homepage and intranet with a connection to Oracle, developing analytics tools for SEO and SEM, and topping it all off, developing and launching the TIMOCOM Transport Barometer. This initiative revolutionised the way in which market information is collected and analysed and strengthened TIMOCOM's position as market leader in the logistics industry.

    Apr 1998 to Mar 2009
  • Education
  • World Travel

    See the World

    Embarking on a journey around the globe offered unparalleled education. This adventure expanded my worldview, inspired creative problem-solving, and enhanced my ability to adapt to diverse cultures and environments.

    1995 - 1997
  • Training as a Radio-Television Technician

    Radio Ludwig

    My foundational training at Radio Ludwig honed my technical skills and sparked my passion for technology. This experience laid the groundwork for my career, emphasizing the importance of precision, innovation, and continuous learning.

    1990 - 1994

My Clients

What my clients saying

"Our Wordpress system is now a rocket with water propulsion instead of a VW Beetle with petrol. The AI tools are awesome and save us a lot of time."


CEO Logistic Company

"The navigation is intuitive, the content is engaging and the performance is lightning fast. Particularly noteworthy is the adaptability of the site, which ensures that it displays perfectly on all devices - a must in our increasingly mobile world."


Owner Lift technology

"Our website is now GDPR compliant and it's even faster. Thank you!"


Owner Creative Agency

Among other things, I work with...

My Process

  1. Discussion

    The initial step is engaging in discussions with clients to grasp their vision, goals, and requirements, ensuring alignment in our objectives.

  2. Idea

    Following our discussions, I brainstorm and develop a strategic plan outlining innovative ideas and the best approaches to achieve the project's objectives.

  3. Implementation

    With a solid plan in place, I begin the implementation phase, transforming ideas into a tangible product through rigorous development and coding practices.

  4. Review

    Upon completion of development, the project undergoes thorough review and testing to ensure it meets all requirements and quality standards.

  5. Deliver

    The final step is to deliver the finished product to the client, ensuring it exceeds their expectations and is ready to make an impact in its intended market.

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